Top Suppliers of Kraft Paper& Paper Bag in UAE

GCC region is fast moving towards ban on single-use plastic shopping bags and the Environment Ministries are taking measures and introducing new policies to educate and enforce use of alternate packaging solutions like paper bags which is sustainable and compostable. The use of paper bag in UAE has not taken pace as the kraft paper is very expensive and imported from different countries due to lack of local manufacturer. Most of the Paper bag manufacturer in UAE and the GCC region rely on imports there by giving due advantage for plastic products.

We also manufacture Unbleached Kraft paper in UAE for the Paper bag industry in the UAE and for the GCC countries. unbleached kraft paper is durable because of the good strength by use of virgin fibers. It is made of the chemical pulp from the kraft pulp process. Therefore, the kraft paper is designed for the packaging products which need high strength and durability.

  •  MG Semi Virgin Kraft Paper
  •  MG Recycled Kraft Paper
  •  Unbleached Kraft Paper - Launching by Mid 2021
  •  Bleached Kraft Paper - Launching by Mid 2021
Semi Virgin Kraft Paper in UAE

MG Semi Virgin Kraft Paper

Our MG Semi Virgin kraft paper is of high strength, exceptional printable surface for Paper bags and wrapping. Its a machine-glazed paper with a natural colour, made from virgin unbleached kraft pulp and recycled fibers.

recycled kraft paper in UAE

MG Recycled Kraft Paper

MG Recycled Kraft Paper is manufactured from recycled paper and wholly recyclable, is a fantastic packaging choice for environmentally conscious companies looking to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint.

bleached kraft paper

Bleached Kraft Paper

Launching by mid 2021

unbleached kraft paper

Unbleached Kraft Paper

Launching by mid 2021