MG Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled Kraft Paper in UAE

MG Recycled Kraft Paper in UAE

MG Recycled Kraft Paper is manufacrured using 100% Recycled Fiber. Its a fantastic packaging choice for environmentally conscious companies looking to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint. Because those products are 100% renewable and produced sustainably, we help our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

Our MG Recycled kraft paper for converters is an on-demand product line that allows multiple configuration options. We manufacture this paper according to customers requirement depending on their kraft paper application and specifications. The grammages range from 50 to 120GSM with strength / burst factor (BF) ranging from18 to 25. They can optionally be water resistant as per requirement. This kraft paper is ideal suitable for manufacturing paper bags and packaging elements, among other variety of applications.

MG Recycled kraft paper is highly customizable. End users may have various application and different specific requirement of strength, printable surface, wet- strength properties and shade requirements. Almost all of the raw materials are sourced from our own branch company, so consistency is always a key attribute achieved by extensive sorting and hand picked clean waste paper.

Surface and Finishes

MG Recycled kraft paper is a machine-glazed paper with Plane and Ribbed graining finishes. We manufacture very diverse widths with multiple reels that reach a width close to 2.6 meters and also provide in sheet form as per customer specifications.