Bleached Kraft Paper


Bleached Kraft Paper

Our MG Semi Virgin kraft paper is of high strength, exceptional printable surface for Paper bags and wrapping. MG Semi Virgin kraft paper is a machine-glazed paper with a natural colour, made from virgin unbleached kraft pulp and recycled fibers. It features high taint and odor neutrality and comes with a wet-strength option for high barrier protection against the effects of moisture and oxygen. This kraft paper is a sustainable replacement for plastic bags and makes it a pure and safe option for direct contact with food.

Customers around the world are demanding this high-quality, natural MG kraft paper more and more. Our MG Semi Virgin kraft paper for bags offers a sustainable, compostable, functional choice that can replace plastic bags. It’s durable, resilient, and flexible options for a variety of paper bag types thanks to its excellent run-ability and printability for flexographic and offset printing methods.

Surface and Finishes

MG Semi Virgin kraft paper is a machine-glazed paper with Plane and Ribbed graining finishes. We manufacture very diverse widths with multiple reels that reach a width close to 2.6 meters and also provide in sheet form as per customer specifications.