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Kraft Paper Bag Industry in UAE

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A first of its kind in the GCC region, Arabian Kraft Paper Manufacturing LLC based in UAE engaged in the manufacturing of various grades of Kraft Paper from Virgin Grade to Recycled Grade for the packaging and paper bag industry.

With an annual capacity of 20,000 Metric Tons, manufacturing diverse range of kraft paper with high-quality and strength like :

  • Machine-Glazed Semi Virgin Kraft Paper 
  • Machine-Glazed Recycled Kraft Paper
  • Machine-Glazed Bleached Kraft paper
  • Machine-Glazed Unbleached Kraft paper

About The Leading Paper Bag Industry in UAE

We manufacture kraft paper for the Paper Bag Industry in UAE. The kraft paper converted products has a wide range of applications, and wherever you need high strength, protection and flexibility with highly functionality, strong and cost-effective materials that convert efficiently into a variety of packaging products for the paper bag industry in UAE and GCC region. All our Kraft paper manufactured are machine-glazed paper with a natural colour, made from virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests and recycled fibers. From paper bag, packaging, coating, painting, laminating, gumming, void filling for residential or industrial applications.

Our kraft paper manufacturing product range, production capacity and active presence in the GCC region reflects our steadfast commitment towards transitioning to a more sustainable economy that seeks to minimize waste and protect vital ecosystems in our environment. Market trends are skewing more and more toward environmental friendly packaging grades drastically reducing the impact on pollution. Arabian Kraft Paper develops and applies state-of-the-art technology for paper manufacturing in order to reach the highest level of sustainability without compromising quality.

Arabian Kraft Paper Manufacturing LLC is strategically located in UAE taking advantage of various logistics options and ease of supply chain connection with Paper bag manufacturers in the UAE and customers around Gulf Countries and rest of the world committing to quick and prompt order executions providing price and deliver time advantages over imports with quality product at competitive pricing. We emphasize on high value customer services and to build strong relationship oriented business. About 60% of our production is exported therefore, we have experience in the logistics management of international orders. Contact us to obtain the best offer for your destination, we will take care to determine the best means of transport. Thanks to our productive capacity of more than 20,000 tons per year, we can take orders of great magnitude. Contact us to analyze your specific needs and obtain preliminary manufacturing planning.

Why Choose Us

  •   Strategically located in GCC
  •   Quick and prompt order execution and delivery time
  •   Wide range of Eco friendly packaging paper products
  •   Customizable to individual industry needs
  •  Unmatched and Competitive price structure
  •   Relaxation over stock and Inventory mentioned by end users
  •   Cheaper alternative to plastic packaging
  •  Advantage of Kraft Paper being available locally in GCC
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