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A first of its kind in the GCC region, Arabian Kraft Paper Manufacturing LLC based in UAE engaged in the manufacturing of various grades of Kraft Paper from Virgin Grade to Recycled Grade for the packaging and paper bag industry. With an annual capacity of 20,000 Metric Tons, manufacturing diverse range of kraft paper like Machine-Glazed Bleached and Unbleached Kraft paper, Semi Recycled Kraft paper and 100% Recycled kraft paper with high-quality and strength.

Arabian Kraft Paper Manufacturing LLC is strategically located in UAE taking advantage of various logistics options and ease of supply chain connection with customers around Gulf Countries and rest of the world committing to quick and prompt order executions providing price and deliver time advantages over imports with quality product at competitive pricing. As the top Kraft Paper Manufacturer in UAE, we emphasize on high value customer services and to build strong relationship oriented business.


Our Services & Products

High Quality Products

High quality, accessible price with wide range of kraft paper like MG Semi Virgin Kraft, MG Recycled Kraft, Unbleached Kraft Paper and Bleached Kraft Paper.

Customer Service

"Buy Back" of our waste products, it's our way of making recycling easy for both you, the customer and us the collection and paper manufacturing company. 

Constant Development

Constant development in product range in order to provide the best Quality & service to its customers.

Environment Friendly

Sustainable and compostable packaging products.


Make Recycling Matter.

Quality Paper

High strength protection and flexibility with high functionality, strong and cost-effective.

Virgin Kraft Paper

MG Semi Virgin Kraft Paper

Our MG Semi Virgin kraft paper is of high strength, exceptional printable surface for Paper bags and wrapping. Its a machine-glazed paper with a natural colour, made from virgin unbleached kraft pulp and recycled fibers.

Recycled Kraft Paper

MG Recycled Kraft Paper

MG Recycled Kraft Paper is manufactured from recycled paper and wholly recyclable, is a fantastic packaging choice for environmentally conscious companies looking to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Bleached Kraft Paper

Bleached Kraft Paper

Launching by mid 2021
Unbleached Kraft Paper

Unbleached Kraft Paper

Launching by mid 2021

Kraft Paper Manufacturing
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